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Voile Hyper V6
Don’t get us wrong. We enjoy some “type II fun” just as much as the next masochist. But, fun doesn’t always have to be a near death experience. Which is why we’ve gone back to the drawing board on one of our most popular ski designs. Our goal? Shed some serious weight. Introducing the Voile Hyper V6. A super light, paulownia wood, core and twice the amount of carbon fiber provide the weight savings. But, that’s just half the battle. A Voilé ski must be durable too. So, we added re-enforcement to the mountings areas. Even with the 13%-15% weight savings, you still get the downhill performance of our original Voile V6. It’s quick to rise, even in the lightest powder—thanks to the tapered shape and Voilé Hybrid Rocker profile. The tight turning radius and shorter running length allows effortless transfer from edge-to-edge but won’t leave you puckered when holding an edge is critical. So go ahead, have some fun and remember: you can always go for a couple more laps, if you need more punishment. DIMENSIONS Length (cm) 163 173 178 183 188 Tip Width (mm) 126 129 131 133 135 Waist (mm) 96 98 99 100 102 Tail Width (mm) 108 110 111 113 115 Radius (m) 17.0 18.0 18.5 19.0 20.0 Pair Weight (lbs.oz./?kg) 5lbs /?? 2.27kg 5lbs 10oz /?? 2.55kg 5lbs 13oz /?? 2.64kg 6lbs 3oz /?? 2.80kg 6lbs 6oz /? 2.90kg Suggested Skier Weight Range (lbs-kg) 110-150 lb 50-68kg 120-190 lb 54-86kg 130-190lb 59-86kg 140+lb 64+kg 150+lb 68+kg
Voile Hyper V8
How do you improve upon a 5 year-old, award-hogging backcountry ski design? You make it lighter. Introducing the Voile Hyper V8. The beloved shape and camber profile remain unchanged, but the rest of the ski has been overhauled. Starting with the core, we switched to paulownia wood from aspen. We’ve doubled the amount of carbon fiber and re-enforced the binding mounts to account for the lighter core. Finally, it’s all wrapped up in a sharp new graphic made from the most durable and snow/ice-phobic topsheet material we use. You still get the irony-filled performance of the original Voile V8: Brawny, yet agile—fat, but featherweight. It has the width to float the deepest powder—yet remains quick edge-to-edge for all those non-powder days. It maintains a high fun-factor even in less than perfect conditions. It’s all of those things—just much lighter. The Hyper V8 is a culmination of little changes to create a brand new award-winning high-performance ski. Same… but different… and still awesome. Weight 2.45kg (165cm) 2.66kg (171cm) 2.80kg (176cm) 2.92kg (181cm) 3.16kg (186cm) Construction Structural cap Core Wood/Carbon Rocker/camber profile Rocker tip Rocker tail Dimensions 134-107-117mm (165cm) 138-110-120mm (171cm) 141-112-123mm (176cm) 143-114-124mm (181cm) 146-115-126mm (186cm) 150-119-130mm (193cm) Turning radius 16.6m (165cm) 17.0m (171cm) 17.3m (176cm) 18.0m (181cm) 18.4m (186cm) 20.4m (193cm)
DPS Lotus T124 Tour 1
Tour1 Lotus 124 The introduction of Tour1 construction chopped another 30 percent of weight off an already lightweight Pure Carbon layup all while retaining tremendous torsional stiffness that is unmatched in the touring category. Tour1 layup skis make long days in the mountains into great ones, simply by the energy saved on the uphill on account of less weight. Traditional touring skis are narrower in their shaping to maximize this effect. But, what if you want to both tour AND surf deep pow in one high-performance package? Enter a very special Powderworks edition of the Lotus 124 the best of both worlds. Mount it with a tech binding and experience the bliss of blazing up the skin track on the best days followed by sweet runs where you surf and plane powder in the modern out-of-fall line style. If you are traveling or living in a deep snow mecca that demands daily human-powered access? You simply wont find a more powerful powder-oriented touring ski with this kind of shaping pedigree. Dimensions: 140 / 124 / 130 | Radius: 23m @178cm Sizes: 178cm, 185cm Weight: 1615g per ski average weight @ 185cm 1570g per ski average weight @ 178cm
DPS Wailer A112 Alchemist RP2
Alchemist Wailer 112 RP2 While the legendary ski shape has remained, the arrival of Alchemist stokes the smoothness factor on this classic. The Wailer 112 legacy has dominated magazine tests and is known as the shape that truly makes people ski better. It has the versatility for complete control and g-force generation on hard pack, while cradling the rider into the world of powder planing performance. The Wailer A112 consistently and playfully delivers ultimate powder versatility and ease of use in varying conditions. Dimensions: 141/112/128 | Radius: 15-18m @184cm Sizes: 168cm, 178cm, 184cm, 189cm Weights: 2080g per ski average weight @ 189cm 1920g per ski average weight @ 184cm 1825g per ski average weight @ 178cm 1670g per ski average weight @ 168cm
DPS Wailer F112 Foundation
Foundation Wailer 112 Why tinker with a winning recipe that has transformed the powder and resort experience for so many? Because we are tinkerers at heart. We’ve drawn from our extensive Chassis R+D project and created a verifiable winner in the Foundation 112. It’s a brand new, ground up riff on the construction and shaping of the quiver classic Wailer 112RP2 that features a longer fore-body and new flex pattern. Dimensions: 135 / 112 / 124 | Radius: 15m @184cm Sizes: 168cm, 178cm, 184cm, 190cm Weight: 2300g per ski average weight @ 190cm 2110g per ski average weight @ 184cm 1980g per ski average weight @ 178cm 1840g per ski average weight @ 168cm
DPS Wailer T112 Tour 1 RP2
Tour1 Wailer 112 RP2 Touring skis are traditionally 60-80mm toothpicks designed for fast ascents and regimented skin tracks. Well, the best untracked snow is worth walking for. The award-winning Wailer 112 Tour1 weighs less than most significantly narrower traditional fiberglass touring shapes, but still delivers carbons inherent power benefits in deeper and mixed snow. Go strong for days with this legitimately light uphill supercharger, and one of the most soft-snow versatile and easiest skiing shapes in the history of the sport. Dimensions: 141 / 112 / 128 | Radius: 15-18m @184cm Sizes: 168cm, 178cm, 184cm Weight: 1550g per ski average weight @ 184cm 1520g per ski average weight @ 178cm 1320g per ski average weight @ 168cm
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