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Fitting Services

Experience Exceptional Fit

If you’re interested in dialing in the fit of an existing bike or you want to start off right with a new bike, we’re here to help. A properly adjusted bicycle allows you to ride more comfortably and more efficiently, which translates to more miles and more enjoyment!

Our bike fits are performed by a trained Cycle Logic team member while you pedal your bike set up in a stationary trainer. Please bring your bike, comfortable cycling attire, and your cycling shoes (if applicable) for your bike fit. Stop by or contact your Cycle Logic location of choice for more details.

Cycle Logic Bike Fit

$60* / Free with New Bike Purchase

Adjust Cleat Position

Adjust Saddle Height

Adjust Saddle Fore/Aft

Adjust Handlebars/Stem

*Price does not include replacement parts, if needed