Amundson KARMA 10'6

Amundson KARMA 10'6
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The Karma 10’6” is a new breed of All-Around board that focuses on recreational paddling for medium sized riders who paddle primarily on flat-water. Their main goal is to spend time on the water, and may not paddle very far or care how fast they are going. We wanted the most stable board possible, without making it big and heavy. John started with the All Around outline and tweaked it by going to 32” wide, with a wide nose and tail, and a modified Constant Flow rocker to give the board a relatively large effective “footprint” on the water. The result is the most stable board of its’ size. The advantage to keeping it small is that it is lighter and easier to handle off the water. This appeals to our largest audience: women.

The Karma is fitted with several features that make it a great board for Yoga or Fitness classes. The Croco-Skin deckpad has just enough texture for traction, without being too sticky, so it is the best surface for Yoga. It is extended far enough forward so that you will always be on it during any pose. There is a nose insert for an anchor point, deck inserts for attaching your paddle under bungee, and a center insert just in front of your feet for a resistance band or fitness bungee. And of course our Easy Carry handle is a must to keep transport carefree and easy.

The Karma will take you from your first steps on a board, to many peaceful hours of relaxing fun and fitness. This is really what SUP is all about, and the Karma gives you all of this in a light, compact package guaranteed to give you many seasons of enjoyment.

? Item: 58-6816041

? Dimensions: 10'6" x 32" x 4.4"
(320 cm x 81,3 cm x 11,2 cm)
183 liters, 27 lbs. (12,3kg)

? Recommended paddler weight:
190 lbs. Novice, 220 lbs. Advanced

? Technology: Rhino-Lite™

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